What do we Believe?

All Big Country people deserve the rights to:

Clean Water

All people deserve clean water. We believe governments should provide equitable and fair access to safe water.

Safe & Adequate Infrastructure

From Transportation & Roads to Hospitals and Schools, we think people deserve the right to get around without concern.

Decent Housing

Safe, reliable housing is essential for communities to develop ownership and equity in society.

Crime Free Communities

People should be able to reasonably live without fear of crime be it from internal, community forces or external.

Decent Jobs with Decent Pay

Everyone deserves to be able to live adequately from their job. Reasonable minimums should be given to ensure this.

Fair and Equal Representation

Representation systems should be built against the influence of overwhelming resources of large groups or individuals.

Abileneians and Big Country people have for too long remained silent about the moral decay of our institutions, common beliefs, and values. The liberty and dignity of every individual has eroded in an almost calculated manner to a point where our objective moral identity has come into question.

We are an organization of individuals whose objective is to be active in issues that increase and further liberty and dignity for ALL individuals and groups. The fundamental idea that all people are created equal and are deserving of dignity is expressed in our six human social rights. These are:

  • Dignity - That all people deserve basic honor and respect.
  • Justice - That all people and groups have the right to a fair and equitable society and equal justice under the law.
  • Life - That all people's lives have value that cannot be determined monetarily and are deserving of the equal footing good health provides.
  • Liberty - That all people have the right to live in a society free of arbitrary, oppressive secular or religious rules.
  • Freedom - That all people have the right to be free of subjection and have the ability to act in their own interest.
  • Equality - That all people are equal in status, rights and access to opportunity.

Left undefined, it is our fear that these terms will continue to be bastardized. Words and ideas have meaning and inherent power. Too many politicians have used these words to justify ideologies that are counter to their meaning and further an agenda that does not match or meet the ideals of Abilene and greater West Texas.

For too long, moral people have been fearful to act. Afraid of losing friends, of losing business, of sounding stupid. But there are too many of us to ignore. I know it takes courage but please come into the light and take a stand against seemingly popular agendas but the risk can never justify the reward.

Please join us in coming together and resisting oppressive, ideologies. Join us in standing with our brothers and sisters in solidarity. Join us and together we will be... INDIVISIBLE.

How will we RESIST?



What do we want to accomplish and what are the varying paths to success?




What are the paths of least resistance and how do we execute them in a respectful and timely manner?




Game day! Being prepared for our event or action. Great planning brings great success.